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Dr. Jaffe Strikes Gold (Teeth, That Is)

ATLANTA June 29, 2009 – Dr. Dennis Jaffe, DMD—dubbed “the father of Afrodontics” by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and backed by 36 years of experience in the dentistry field—is pleased to announce his customizable golds service.

Developed in response to a growing demand for gold teeth, the service accommodates all manner of different design specifications. Customers can have either a full gold tooth or gold crown customized, choosing between white gold and 22 karat yellow gold for the material.

From here, the possibilities are practically endless as customers have their dental structure customized to their liking—which can mean anything from an engraved name or initials, a symbol (car logo, religious icon, zodiac sign, lucky charm, etc.) or even diamonds or a birth stone bonded to the tooth!

Gold false teeth serve as a stylish means to fill the gaps left behind by other missing teeth and make your smile stand out, while gold crowns, in addition to improving appearance, are an effective way to save and restore decaying teeth.

Dr. Jaffe is a general family dentist. He attended Hofstra University in New York and earned his Undergraduate Degree in Biology. He then graduated from number 1 ranked prestigious University of Pennsylvania Dental School.

He has been practicing dentistry in downtown Atlanta for over 36 years. He feels that he contributes to the community by helping families and individuals feel and look their best. Being artistic, Dr. Jaffe also enjoys custom gold teeth, designing gold crowns, partials and dentures.

Dr. Jaffe’s Atlanta office is located on 98 Broad Street, only a few blocks from MARTA’s Five Points Station. His dental office is open Monday through Saturday. For more information visit

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